WATER OF LIFE - Picture Frame with Jordan River Water
WATER OF LIFE - Picture Frame with Jordan River Water
WATER OF LIFE - Picture Frame with Jordan River Water
WATER OF LIFE - Picture Frame with Jordan River Water
WATER OF LIFE - Picture Frame with Jordan River Water
WATER OF LIFE - Picture Frame with Jordan River Water
WATER OF LIFE - Picture Frame with Jordan River Water

WATER OF LIFE - Picture Frame with Jordan River Water

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This unique picture frame takes you across our mesmerizing Sea of Galilee with the option of retaining the original picture within or replacing it with your own personal photo. The frame is complete with actual RIVER JORDAN WATER. Size of Frame 14x18cm (5.5x7"). Please read the text written by Merav, the designer and producer of this beautiful item to understand the importance of this product:

This unique and special picture frame combines the beauty of the lake of Galilee and the Jordan River. It contains authentic water from the Jordan River that was filled in the Holy Land.
In each picture, there is a verse from the New Testament that provides deep and interesting spiritual background designed according to your personal preference.
The picture is easily changeable, therefore allows you to adapt the design as you wish.
The spiritual blessing of the Holy water remains permanent and guides you anywhere, and any time.

My name is Merav. I am named after King Shaul's oldest daughter, and I share a strong connection to the bible and the word of God.  Water has always played an important role in my life.  It appears in my name and also has a deep spiritual meaning for me.    For many years I have worked as the marketing manager of some leading hotels, mainly located up north, in the area of the sea of Galilee.  Thanks to my rich and varied experience in tourism and the marketing field I have developed a strong connection to the Christian culture and the Pilgrimage. A Love and connection from which Water Of Life was born.

Water Of Life was created from my vision to provide you with the most significant and remarkable souvenir from the Jordan River, and by that to allow you to remember the amazing experience of the miracle of divine revelation of Baptism and to connect you to this wonderful wonder.

You are holding in your hands a product of spiritual meaning.

Your choice of Water Of Life is a reminder and exciting blessing from the Holy Land which will guide you anytime, any place.

It is important to emphasize that the water in the picture is the real water pumped from the Jordan River with the certificate of Kibbutz Gesher.

Wherever you choose to place Water Of Life, whether it is in your office or at home, you will see in front of you the exciting picture from the Jordan River which will bring you closer to the experience and will allow you to feel present in the moment.

This golden spectacular picture frame with the holy verses that will be laid next to you, will remind you at any given moment, the experience of the Jordan River. It will give you an abundance of holiness and spirituality anywhere you choose to place it.

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