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Replica of a 2000-year-old model of The Second Temple, which was unearthed from an ancient synagogue in Migdal in 2006, also known as Magdala. This historical replica features intricate detail and exquisite craftsmanship—a perfect addition to any home or collection.


A stunning reminder from Magdala, the town of Saint Mary Magdalene, which can be treasured after a visit to the Holy Land.

 This replica accurately replicates the Magdala Stone find discovered at the archeological site of Magdala.

Measurements: 7cm x 10.7cm x 8.5cm

Weight: 0.496 kilograms

Interesting Facts

  • Likely to be the earliest known depiction of the Second Temple
  • Contains the oldest carved image of the Second Temple Menorah
  • Found in the center of the Magdala Synagogue

One of the most significant recent archaeological finds in the Holy Land, the Magdala Stone holds clues that will help scholars establish a more complete picture of first century Judaism. The Magdala Stone is likely the earliest known artistic depiction of the Second Temple.

The front of the stone depicts the oldest carved image of the Second Temple’s seven-branched menorah ever found, and it is this discovery that has produced intense excitement among the archaeologists at Magdala.

The long side of the stone depicts the side of a building with pillared archways, with three-dimensional design to create the illusion of appearing inside the temple.

The back of the stone depicts a pillared structure with two wheels above a geometric shape, illustrating fire. The front and sides of the stone carvings illustrate the outer courts of the 2ndTemple in Jerusalem and the back side portrays wheels and fire, symbolizing the Holy of Holies.

Also, of great interest to scholars examining the stone is the large rosette on the top side of the stone, consisting of six petals surrounded by six identical petals. The symbolic meaning of this rosette has not yet been established, but the number twelve could relate to several biblical traditions and its prominence on the stone indicates it is certainly of great significance.

The stone is covered in decorative symbols relating to the structure of the Temple and ceremonial Jewish objects that may unlock many unsolved mysteries which have long baffled archaeologists.

The archaeological project is headed by Universidad Anáhuac México Sur (Anahuac University of Mexico – South in partnership with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (National Autonomous University of Mexico – UNAM) and the Israel Antiquities Authority



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